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November 14th, 2007

Decorating the Baby: Gripe #1

Well, another rite of passage has blessed my path.  Although this one wasn’t nearly as personally painful as other twists and turns within my journey, it is nonetheless a very important passage—I recently became an auntie!  (Okay, I have in fact become a surrogate Auntie to a few of my friend’s children, but this is my first time being a blood auntie; we can call it a DNAuntie.)  Of course with any first-time auntie experience, we tend to go a little bit, how should I say this, over-board with supplying the little one with “necessities.”

So, last night I went on my first shopping extravaganza for my new niece.  As I was standing there, staring blankly at the new sizes I needed to get used to, I began to wonder why the clothing industry had to make things so difficult.  I mean, why do they have to go and change all the sizes to the 0/3m, 3/6m, etc.?  First I had to decipher what the ‘m’ actually meant.  Does it stand for ‘maternity?’  No, that would be before the baby pops out into the oxygen-breathing world.  Could it be for ‘mom’ or the extended cutesy version, ‘mommy?’  But the clothes are for the baby, not for the mommy so that wouldn’t make sense either.

After much pondering, consideration, and a quick call to my mother, I eventually got that the ‘m’ actually stood for ‘months.’ Ah, okay!  This should be easy!  But wait; obviously, my new little niece isn’t 0-3 months old, she is three days old.  So does the new “easy to buy for your baby” sizing guide really make all that much sense to the over-analytical mind? And don’t babies grow as quick as Jack’s bean stalk?  I mean, if I buy her the 0/3m size, won’t she grow out of the clothes in say, three months?  Come on!  Even I keep clothes longer than three months!  This baby is going to have a larger wardrobe than I do when she isn’t even a year old, and I have a job!

Yet again, I found myself staring blankly at the new sizes before me and right back at the beginning of the decision making process: what size should I get my niece?  I need help. I dial the phone again to call my mom, but this time my dad picks up.  His answer to my cacophony of baby-clothing questions; “I don’t know, you should ask your mother.”  Thanks for the help dad.  Shoot, who knew that baby shopping was going to be such a difficult experience?


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