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October 24th, 2007

Katz, a Portland catch, part 2: Her story

When I mentioned in the first part of the ‘Katz’ series that Emily took a break from her more wild and mythical line, Bonnie Heart Clyde, to pursue a more sophisticated look in her self-titled line, I felt there was a story behind the dramatic change.  I was able to track down the busy and free-spirited (not to mention organized and business-minded), Katz at her northeast Portland studio earlier this week and uncovered some twists and turns in her path bringing us to the present. Here’s my recap, verbatim:

“It was a part of me.”

After attending fine art school out on the East Coast, Emily moved back to the familiar neighborhoods of Portland with her then-boyfriend. Together they started the dynamic and all-too-cute line, Bonnie Heart Clyde.  As the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end,’ so did the relationship, though Emily’s passion for design ran deep.  She realized that designing clothes was more than just something she did with her ex, it was something she did for herself (thank goodness she came to that realization!).

“I am designing for the dream of what I want to wear.”

Every break-up calls for reflection. Along Emily’s path she gathered a sense of self, a maturity that only comes with experience and the perception that comes from such experience. Of course with every growth spurt we hold onto a bit of our past. Maybe it is an attempt to hold onto our innocence, or maybe it is a reminder to not lose our innate being—either way, branches grow anew but our roots are firmly planted.

“I realized I wasn’t wearing the stuff I was designing… I wanted to wake up in the morning and wear my designs. I wanted something you can just throw on and immediately look fabulous. And I have also always loved watching old movies.”Emily_katz_006_2

Emily’s designs started taking on a lasting impression.  She left the whimsical notions of Bonnie Heart Clyde behind and went towards a classic style that can carry through the times. Enter Emily Katz, the line that not only reflected her individualism and her independence but her growth as well.

There are multiple pieces in the Emily Katz line that can be worn for the most varied of occasions. In the next few weeks myself and fellow Shoeflyer contributor Christina will be wearing and reviewing a few of our Katz favorites.  Stay tuned—there is more Katz to come!


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