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October 10th, 2007

The delicacies of fashion

I love the new colorful sock and textured tights theme for fall this year.  I mean, you can basically make one pair of shoes look like a completely different pair of shoes with your various leg-ware.  I love this fall fashion fling so much, that I went right out and bought a pair of funky socks! Okay, correction, I bought copious amounts of funky socks.  Of course after such an astounding purchase I was more than eager to put my argyle, plaid and cable sweater socks to work (post-production insight: eagerness and craftiness don’t always go hand in hand.  This insight is actually two-fold as you are about to discover).

I woke up this morning with new socks on my mind (and the fact that I was running late for work—a constant in my life) and whipped together what I thought would be a cute little get-up for the day. Today’s outfit used a pair of my new socks as the focal point, then continued with a white tunic blouse with a white sash over a pair of fitted black shorts, which I think are supposed to be Bermuda shorts, but due to my less-than-tall stature actually cascade over my knees. But, they’re still cute none-the-less. Moving on, the outfit was completed with jade/argyle funky thigh-high socks and round toe patent leather flats. Finally, this was all accessorized with a large black leather everyday bag and out the door I went with a hop in my step and my head held high.

It wasn’t until I was about to get on the light rail when I looked down and laughed.  While I was going for cute and funky, what I got was a modern-day rendition of an eighteenth century poet.  The only thing I was missing was a large brimmed hat with a single feather protruding out the back and a curly mustache.  Now, I could have stuck with the black, white and jade theme and come out just fine if I had only put on a black skirt with a fitted white blouse that stopped at my hips versus the long slim black mid-calf shorts topped with a long white baggy tunic.  Then the cute little number would have actually turned out cute instead of um… nostalgic?  Ah yes, the delicacies of fashion have been revealed.


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