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September 24th, 2007

Weekend in Review-Shoes and News

Last week’s shoes and fashion review was all about welcoming the new season, fall. Now, this week we strive to embrace the cooling climate and shorter days with some fall fashion essentials, as well as random shoe and fashion findings. Enjoy!

  • Cold feet—Ever wish you could slide on ice all year round? Yeah, we never have either. But now you can (if that’s what you’re into) thanks to the development of "ice shoes," shoes made entirely of ice. The shoes work just like you’d imagine, you fill the mold with water, freeze them, then strap them to your feet and slide to your hearts delights. A fun idea, that is if you’re a fan of broken bones and law suits, but that’s just our opinion.
  • Dishing on fall fashion—Hear what Saks Fifth Avenue director of women’s fashion, Michael Fink, has to say about this fall’s fashion.

  • Proud as a peacock—It appears as though leaves aren’t the foliage falling this fall, as feathers are the hottest addition to female accessories since… well… since we don’t know, but they’re hot nonetheless.  We’re seeing top designers including Prada and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, fashioning jackets, gowns, handbags and necklaces from the feathers of fowl including ostrich, pheasant and even pigeons.   


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One Response to “Weekend in Review-Shoes and News”

  1. Says:

    Those “Ice Soles” are too cool! I wish that I had a pair. Where is the mold sold?


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