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August 2nd, 2007

W… Posh and Beck style

Posh and Beck’s W spread, have you seen it?

First off, let’s talk about the genius behind Hollywood’s favorite couple’s move to the U.S—it catapulted their ‘chic’ careers to a whole new level.

Sure, sure, the move could have been for the
love of soccer and getting soccer on the mainstream map in the good ol’ U.S. of
A. (the last place to get on board with the world’s biggest sport), but it was a brilliant move as far as their
popular careers are concerned.

Let’s take Posh for instance; her career was all but
dead. The only thing she had going for
her was that adulterated ring on her finger to the biggest, (not necessarily the
best—though he is darn good), soccer player in the EU. She moves to the U.S. and now has her own reality TV show (only in the United States is brainless crap
like this even accepted), accompanied by the Spice Girls reunion, (please kill
me now).

Now let’s talk about their public appearance; both Posh
and Beck are chameleons—their look changing in every other
glossy. Granted, David Beckham looks HOTT,
(yep, hot with two capital ‘T’s!) with his buzzed blonde hair and cut abs (not to
mention those tighty whitey’s! Omigod it
just hurts a girl!) although he usually does look good even if his hair is long. Posh on
the other hand is a hard one to nail down. There are times where she looks gorgeous and exotic and other times she
just looks, well, um, exotic? But
photographer Steven Klein knows what he is doing and makes Posh look like a
vixen on the prowl yearning to prance on the voluptuous night ship of desire (shoot, get me a ticket on that boat, I’ll
pay double!). I just don’t know whether
to tell the W photographer ‘good job’ or to tell Posh to keep the new
look. All in all, the spread is hot and
the photography is amazing. Leave it to
the photographers at W to make a nation drool over its glossy pages. I know I will buy the next issue.


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