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July 10th, 2007

Who wears short shorts?

Shorts, one of the most dreaded words in a woman’s fashion vocabulary. Why?  Because shorts are arguably the most difficult piece of clothing to work with. They can’t be too long, and-for some-they can be too short, depending on the body type. In short (pun intended), some woman just aren’t built to wear shorts. Skirts, dresses, slacks and jeans? Yes! But, shorts? Not so much.

In our opinion, shorts work best when they’re short … and we mean real short (think more "hot pant" than "short"; nothing below the knee for sure and mid-way up the thigh is still pushing it. All that said, some fashion designers and analysts are determined to make shorts work.  In fact, the female shorts conundrum  was brought to light on this past weekend’s CBS "Early Show" feature, "Who Wears Short Shorts? Maybe You Can."

In the episode, style expert Sarah Shirley brings out models of all different body types and pairs each individual body type with the style and cut of short that works best for them. We think Shirley hit the nail right on the head with her recommendations, not to mention the super cute tops and accessories she coupled with the  shorts to create truly desirable outfits.  You can watch the video here.


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