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July 26th, 2007

ALERT: Generic shoes may cause big problems

Well the day started out fine—no problems to report of.  Our brand new, beautiful shoes from Shoefly were fitting a bit snug around the toes, but then again having been blessed with wide feet this is a regular, life-long occurrence and is expected with new shoes for the first few wears.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a story of sandals gone horribly awry landed on the front page of Shoewawa. We felt dirty, we felt sickened—most of all, though, we felt grateful. What was a little rubbing of soft leather on a wide foot compared to the horrific chemical burns from a Wal-Mart flip-flop?


Could you imagine anything more horrible?!?!? There you are, trying to put on a pair of flip-flops for a beach outing and before you know it—third degree chemical burns!  Well, this unfortunate scenario came true for more than one lady … and hearing how Wal-Mart dealt with the situation made us detest the mega-corporation even more.  They were rude and they tried to pass the buck—Why are we not surprised? Wal-Mart!  According to one victim’s blog, she tried to warn her local Wal-Mart once she figured things out (so that others would not be in danger—specifically children) and they were nothing but condescending, essentially blaming her for this situation. 

Now we aren’t lawyers, and certainly no legal advice from Shoeflyer should be used in a court of law, but we believe WalMart should be held responsible. The victim proclaims that she is not "sue-happy" and that is to be respected, but come on, this is absurd.

If anything can be learned from this lesson it is this:

  • Never shop at Wal-Mart
  • Antibiotics work
  • It’s okay to sue when something is truly "sue-worthy"
  • Never complain about your shoes "hurting" again

Until next time …



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