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June 28th, 2007

Ugly shoes vs. ugly bags

There’s not a woman in the world who expects it to happen to her, but once in a great while it happens to each of us. We are talking about being caught wearing something truly hideous, and—worst of all—thinking it looks good. We think you’ll agree that the scenario above happens mostly with accessories, particularly shoes and handbags. Our friends at Shoewawa recently addressed this very issue when they asked their readers: What’s worse? An ugly pair of shoes or an even uglier handbag? 

To answer Shoewawa’s question, in our opinion, the only thing worse than an ugly pair of shoes is an ugly handbag. Why? Because often times a woman’s handbag stands out more than her shoes. Don’t get us wrong, as shoes are still the most important component of a woman’s attire; after all, shoes are what makes or breaks the outfit. However, if done wrong, a handbag can be the means-to-an-end of even the most gracious ensemble. All that being said, we believe it’s much easier to mess up an outfit with the wrong shoes than it is with an ugly bag. Nonetheless, when you go wrong with a bag, you go really wrong.  So choose wisely.


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One Response to “Ugly shoes vs. ugly bags”

  1. Ragstyles Says:

    I think someone here forgot it was leave your cat at home day.

    MHO I think uglier bags are worse, as they get noticed quicker. We are always using them, and even when we go pay for coffee eyes are drawn to them. If you have the right handbag, only the fashionistas will notice it, if you have the wrong one (see above) everyone will.


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