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June 22nd, 2007

Leanimal drives me wild!

Shamelessly piggybacking off Jamie’s "Local Lovelies" entry a few weeks ago, we would like to comment on another fantastic PDX find.  Her name is Leanne Marshall, but she’s better known around these parts for her AMAZING clothing line, Leanimal.

We have never, at least to the best of our knowledge, been referred to as a "label whore."  In fact, it took one of us three years to talk themselves into investing in a pair of Citizens—and they were worth every penny.  Perhaps between that buy and our obsession with "America’s Next Top Model," we have since trained ourselves that investing in particular pieces is worth the expense.  However that certainly doesn’t mean we’ve thrown prudence out the window—it just means we turn to the "Lucky Breaks" page first!

So imagine our surprise while perusing the local alt weeklies’ fashion review to find a picture of a top we actually liked!  Usually when we look at this yearly special section, all we see are bobbleheaded girls wearing no bras, dresses made of feathers and pants that have got to be the size of wrapping paper tubes.  Not exactly made for a curvy lady.  At least not for a curvy lady whose goal each day is to accentuate the curves, not force fabric to smother them in an inescapable death grip.

We felt clammy.  Could it be that we, Shoeflyer, had found an actual DESIGNER that we were interested in?  Inconceivable!  But here, this Leanimal shirt, it looked okay—better then okay, pretty darn good in fact—and we jumped online immediately.

One picture after another, we were smitten.  Oh Cupid, you are a malicious little man!  Leanne’s line went from soft creams to tinny metallics, feminine features to flattering dresses.  We needed it.  Like the desert needs the rain.

A few weeks later we found ourselves at Foundation Garmets, a fantastic clothing shop in North Portland, and there it was—Leanimal in the wild!  We immediately (okay, well we waited until we were secured in the dressing room) pulled off our sweats and made significant others comment on five different dresses we had found.  The last one we tried, a confection in soft beige and black, provoked this: "you look beautiful."

We knew we had found a winner.

And while this dress cost a bit more than Shoeflyer would usually spend (not too bad though, honestly), we know that we will have it for a LONG time. 

We wore this dress for the first time this past weekend and received comments all night long.  While it’s not everybody’s "cup of tea" (it’s definitely bold and conceptual), it is certainly ours and we look forward to adding more pieces to our wardrobe this summer.

Adding more pieces to our wardrobe—can you believe we just wrote that?!?!


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