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May 17th, 2007

Walking ‘green’—environmental and animal friendly shoes

We’re not sure how it is around the rest of the country, but here in the Pacific Northwest being ‘green’ is the popular trend. We don’t mean green from a monetary perspective or as the color of choice amongst the fashion savvy. Instead, by green we mean that people are becoming more environmentally conscious and responsible. The trend started with hybrid vehicles, then progressed to upgrades of energy efficient home appliances. Now, people in more progressive communities are working the environment into their wardrobes as well.

Environmentally friendly apparel doesn’t stop at organic clothing, nor does it end with bamboo skirts or eco-handbags fashioned from recycled junk. There’s a number of brands offering environmentally friendly shoes —otherwise known as green, organic or vegan shoes. From what we know, the top designer shoe brands (i.e. Biviel, Prada, Manolo Blahnik and Sam Edelman to name a few) have yet to work organic shoes into their product lines. However, there are a few brands paving the way for organic shoes and positioning themselves as leaders in the category, two of which we’d like to point out.

  • First, for the casual and comfortable shoe seeker there’s the Green Toe shoe line by Simple. The interesting thing about Green Toe’s is that once the shoe wears out it can be buried and a tree will apparently grow once the shoe disintegrates. 
  • Second is Moo Shoes, a Manhattan, N.Y.-based designer and manufacturer of ‘animal cruelty-free’ vegan shoes and accessories. What we like most about Moo Shoes is their assortment of designer style vegan shoes.


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3 Responses to “Walking ‘green’—environmental and animal friendly shoes”

  1. Silvia Says:

    I’m a fan of the eco-trend. If nothing else, it doesn’t do us much good to destroy the only place in the known universe that sustains us. However, when it comes to vegan shoes, I just can’t commit. Man-made materials cause my feet to sweat and overheat, so while I don’t like the idea of wearing animal skin, there just is no other option for me as of yet. I settle for buying shoes from companies that have a good track record for social consciousness. If you can’t save the cows, at least you can support the people who make the cows lives a pleasant experience.

  2. Shoeflyer Says:


    Thanks for the thoughtful response. I understand your stance on the topic and envy your consciousness. It is difficult to adapt solely to green products of any nature. Most times they are more expensive, less durable and less comfortable.


  3. Elannah H Says:

    i’m like only in yr 8 and i just wanted help on if you could find a brand thats environment and that i would be ables to find quite allot of info that tells about shoes.
    thanks so much


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