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May 9th, 2007

Old Vintage, New Vintage – Still in Style

After researching and systematically defying many rules in my fashion microcosm starting with Pre-emptive White Pants Wednesday, there was one regulation that stuck with me: “Never follow the revival of a trend from an era that you already lived through.”  Vintage has been hip for some time though it has recently taken center stage.  Whether it is the buttercup wave hair trend from the 1920s or the bright colored mini skirt trend from the 1970s, today’s fashion eyes are relishing in the past.  Lisa Perry, Stella McCartney, Chloé, the list goes on and on.  Trends of our chic past are being revitalized with a modern twist, and it doesn’t stop with the apparel and hair! It goes into the advertisements as well.

What better place to start than the advertisements promoting such a throw back in trend?  Both Chloé’s and Marc Jacobs’, (featuring the adorable Dakota Fanning), current ads look as if they were recently developed prints, a Polaroid spit out right after the shot: point, shoot, and develop at the scene.  The ads have washed out colors with flushed white flash hot spots on the models arms and legs. Their use of a direct flash casts shadows adding to the feeling of a photography movement from back in the day; Momma don’t take my Polaroid away!  (Okay, so I borrowed a bit of Paul Simon and plugged in a different term to fit the entry.  Is that so wrong?  I mean, musicians sample James Brown’s horns all the time!).

Chloé’s ads showcase empire waste dresses and side parted
straight hair hanging over one eye like a true rocker from the 70s. Complete with the half closed drug dazed
look, the shots are the type of pics you would find buried in your mom’s photo
drawer from a party she went to back in college. But who am I kidding? Parents didn’t party!

This Spring’s hair trend takes another dip into the past though
from a different era: think circa
Josephine Baker. From Beyoncé to Cate
Blanchett, we are seeing deep side parts from every stylist and every walk of
life It is reminiscent of the classic
looks of the 1920s when women dressed decadently from head to toe for every
night out. Visions of the
bustling jazz culture surviving in the underground speakeasies come to mind with
this spring’s side part trend. Ambient light with blue hues and women with their
flapper curls sashaying with effortless elegance through the smokey rooms; so
provocative and so alluring, while screaming femininity.

Next week we will dive into the era clothes and detail the ads promoting fashions and the celebrities wearing them.


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