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April 12th, 2007

Pre-emptive white pants Wednesday Part 2: Well, Maybe

Continued from Part 1: The Mission!

My quest for fashion folklore continued by stopping at local
boutiques and sending emails to my friends, my sister, and my mother for other
fashion myths, or quite possibly rules that should actually apply. And so we embark upon another mission to seek
the fashion facts, forgeries, and faults.

Let’s begin with those rules that actually make sense
starting with one that simply should not be shunned: ‘don’t be a plumber.’ No matter how low cut the jeans, no matter
what style they are showing, please don’t show the crack, alright? “It is simply unattractive and who wants to
see it?” Kendra Carlson, who manages the Michelle DeCourcy boutique here in Portland replied with a
grimace. Enough said about that fashion

Lindsay O. Jackson, store owner of the darling Olivia
Belle boutique
, also here in Portland, offered one relative rule of fashion which everyone should abide by: you
shouldn’t wear a white dress to someone else’s wedding. It’s not so much a fashion rule that
shouldn’t be broken though more like fashion edict that should be adhered to
without question. “It’s like rivaling
the bride! It’s not your day, it’s her

I am going to go ahead and offer one bit of advice
continuing on the theme of edict. It is
similar to one common rule of fashion proclamation: when a man sits down at the
table he takes his hat off. Quite simple
don’t you think? This rule can be
translated into the modern world with our cell phones. Yes, when you sit down to eat, drink and be
merry with your friends and loved ones, turn off your phone! Or AT LEAST put it on vibrate, silent,
something!!! You are with the person you
are with and at the place you are for a reason and that reason I bet has
nothing to do with the person who is calling you on your phone. Put it to rest. It is plain old rude not to mention
annoying. Hat’s off to you, as well as
cell phones.


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