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March 9th, 2007 – Changing the way you shop online for clothes

There’s a new clothing store online, well new to me at least,
and it’s making online shopping easy and less stressful for women around the
globe. It’s called and no, it’s not a subsidiary of
However, it does share some qualities the social networking phenomenon, most in
respect to Myshape’s customization and profiling elements. In short, enables its user to put together outfits and select clothing that’s
tailored specifically to their body types. It’s said to take a lot of the
guessing and uncertainty out of online shopping.

How does it work? Well, it’s simple and it’s free; all it
takes is about 10 minutes to set up a profile. You begin by taking multiple measurements
to develop your individual body profile from which your body type is then
classified into one of a multitude of groups. Coincidentally, these body type
categories are labeled as M, Y, S, H, A, P, E. Myshape lists list these various
shapes under the clothes they sell letting you know if this piece of clothing
is right for your body type. This to me, standing less than five feet tall, is
great. Granted, most of their pants
don’t fit into my profile, but at least I know with out going through the
annoyance of returning something online.  I say it is worth the time and a great idea as
shopping is swaying more and more to the web-end of things.


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4 Responses to “ – Changing the way you shop online for clothes”

  1. T Weadock Says:

    Helping people find clothing based on their shape is an idea that is way overdue. I am going to check out this site next.


  2. Online Clothing Browser Says:

    You can many places that offer online shopping ut you must be aware of this place before buying things from them

  3. Leogreen Says:

    i like to shop form

  4. dissatisfied customer Says:

    This is the WORST online (or brick and mortar) store I have EVER tried to shop with! The customer service is appalling. The most arrogant and unhelpful people operate this site. I spent a morning setting up my profile and making style and measurement entries, and then “my personal shop” excluded most the styles that flatter my shape, and recommended sizes in designers I wear often that were way off the mark. When I called for help, they stonewalled and refused to help me with ordering any merchandise that wasn’t electronically assigned to “my” shop. A few months later I gave them a second chance and called to discuss an order. The woman BEGAN the phone conversation by saying “I have a bone to pick with you. You ordered clothes that weren’t in your personal shop. That’s not acceptable. WE tell what will fit and flatter you.” (!!! Are these clothing Nazis?) A year later I visited the site again, spent the morning choosing about a dozen things, and ran into the same problem again when I used their online chat customer service. This is the end of second chances. WORST RUN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BUSINESS EVER. AVOID!!!!


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