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February 4th, 2007

Boots E Collins Boot by Naughty Monkey: Review

love, love and love! girl needs

Don’t worry, this is not a lame entry about the hallmark created holiday quickly approaching. I am talking not only about this weeks “Sole Steal of the Week,” the Boots E Collins by Naughty Monkey, but also about my first experience with ordering online from Shoefly. Yes, I know I am a contributor to this very Shoeflyer blog which encourages online shopping, but you have to remember, I’m literally a ten minute walk to the shoe boutique itself. Why would I buy online when I can have instant satisfaction? Well, after my first online purchase with Shoefly I can say that argument has been nullified. Shoefly not only promptly responded to receiving my order within minutes of its placement, not two hours later I received another confirmation letting me know my boots had been shipped and were to arrive….wait for it….the next day! Not only did my Naughty Monkey boots arrive the next day; they arrived by 10am from the store which resided a state away. Talk about speedy delivery!

The entire experience was also more than just computer talk, giving the experience a personal feel. There was a real being on the other end of the communications. Her name is Annika and she’s my new best friend, (she doesn’t know that she is my best friend yet).

These super stylee, super cute chunky brick colored boots by Naughty Monkey are the loves of my feet! The soft faux-shearing lining makes your legs and feet feel like they are being hugged by a big teddy bear. How can you NOT have a good day with such a constant embrace? The stacked wooden heel and the folded top bring a pirate feel that makes you want to wield a sword in the middle of your urban world. Peter Pan, here I come. The fun doesn’t stop with these Naughty Monkeys, as they also come with a heel replacement. You know the usually plastic heel pad that is the first thing to go in every pair of shoes? Yeah, well the life of these cuties was just expanded two fold.

All of this being said, I can’t express the extent of the positive experience I have had with Shoefly online, and my cute new boots. And all for $40 bringing the love back home to my pocket book!

Love, Love, and Love!


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Boots E Collins Boot by Naughty Monkey: Review”

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