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January 22nd, 2007

What’s the Gisom?

I have to comment: DJ Gallo’s A.M. Jump on the ESPN website a few days back made me sit back and laugh out loud at my computer screen in my professional office. Wait, before you move away from this entry, this actually does have something to do with fashion. See, the A.M edition of “Jump” dealt with the newly revealed relationship between the New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady, and one of the most published, photographed, and known international super models, Gisele Bundshen; ahhhh, there’s the fashion in this entry. Here is this star quarterback dating one of the most coveted super models in the magazines, websites, and television shows and in the spirit of the tabloids, blended their names together, much like
“Benifer” and “Bradjoleina,” and created “Gisom. Enough said.


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