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January 5th, 2007

What Makes Designer Shoes So Designer?

Have you ever thought about why some of us pay copious amounts of money for a pair of shoes? Is it a status thing, is it because Paris Hilton or Gwen Stefani wears them, or is it simply the fact of a  certain shoe going perfect with a particular outfit?

I doubt there is a right answer to these questions; for some women and men shoes can be like an addictive drug, and an expensive one at that. The more important question here, is whether or not designer shoes are worth the extra dough, and what’s the difference between a $65 and $495 pair of shoes? Well, the good people at Consumer Reports decided to find out.

The results of the Consumer Report’s study  were not shocking; rather, somewhat reassuring and settling. Why? Because low-and-behold, there are good reason for why designer shoes cost so much. In addition, there are reasons why high-end shoes usually come in only one or two colors, go out of style within the year, and produced in handfuls as apposed to truck loads.

In summary, the battle between designer vs. non-designer shoes compared and contrasted a pair of manufactured Nine West shoes with a pair of handmade Manolo Blahnik shoes. Both of which are great shoes to say the least, but can one justify  the extra $400 you pay for the Manolo Blahnik?


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