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January 25th, 2007

The Chunky Sweater Look

I get it; I really do, though I am still not sure if I like it. I mean, do I have to like it? I have been sporting the skinny jean and big chunky sweater look, granted I only have two chunky sweaters, though I am still giving this new fashion craze a shot. I will admit, there are days when they save me. You know those days! Okay, I am not afraid to spell it out because all of us ladies know what those days are; they are our fat days. And they aren’t actually fat days, we are
still glowing in our beautiful and unique bodies, it is merely a feeling which needs to be honored.

I mean, we all have our different days; one is a yellow day, another is a tennis shoe day, and others are fat days. That is why I understand the skinny pants and chunky sweaters: the skinnies expand because most of them are made with elastic and the chunky conceals what we are trying to hide, which is usually nothing but a piece of mind. I have used such a combination on such days and it works! Hence, I get it. Though, here is something that all of the reader’s DON’T know about me; this baby got back. I stand just under five feet tall, weigh in at just under 110lbs (depending on the day), and have a tushe that sir-mix-a-lot sang about in the 1990’s.

So, here I am in my skinny jeans, which I rock even with a tushe, and my chunky sweater which hangs over my well endowed rear end, and I am not so sure. This combination actually makes me look bigger than I actually am. My tushe pushes the already chunky sweater out in an unflattering way. Well, maybe I should stick to the sweaters that stop at my hips? Any suggestions, anyone?


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