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January 18th, 2007

Celebrities, Fashion, and the Golden Globes

The awards season is upon us, and so dawns the organization of our own versions of the awards parties in our living rooms across the nation, staying up late on school nights just to watch “the best of something” award while dining on dark chocolate and red wine with our friends, only to gossip about who looked great in their low back dress and who should have kept the lime green so-called “elegance” back in their 1970’s closet. "Who was her fashion consultant anyway?"

Although it is always interesting to see who won best actress, best supporting role, so on and so forth, do we really remember who won these dubious awards a few weeks later? The answer is ‘no.’ What we do remember is the fashion. It is the fashion that singes our stylistic brains, the accessories that elevate a simple black slip dress to a vision of haunting beauty, and the shoes that make a short hemmed heart shaped strapless dress inimitable and peerless. I mean, what other purpose is there for the parading of the red carpet? Every year the attendees step out of their stretch limousines and onto the walk of fame they know that they will be ogled at, photographed until their retinas are burned with a constant vision of white, ridiculed, and revered, all for what they are wearing.

This year’s Golden Globes were dawned with swooping backless dresses, flowing Grecian gowns with soft lace accents, and the bodice fitting fishtail floor length masterpieces which accent the curves of the divine. Throughout the award filled evening I could not help but feel all of our fashion icons are turning back the clocks of style time. There were moments where I felt as if I was watching a show from early twentieth century rather than the early twenty-first. At times I was transported even earlier in fashion history, other times later. There is a sense of timelessness that comes with the present fashion’s modern emulations of the past. There is a feeling of comfort, a glimpse of the familiar, and yes, a vision of elegance. And the award goes to…


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