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January 2nd, 2007

Jatem Luna Rosa’s by Pazzo: Review

death by asphyxiation be gone!

It is amazing what we as women put our poor feet through.  Think about it; our feet are vital to our everyday movement that we take for granted; they give us balance, mobility, and a great medium for our daily expression through style. 

So what do we do to our precious feet?  We squeeze and cram them into tiny little leather pointed shoes that we are supposed to stand and present, be social, and act comfortable in.  Yes, we take our little feet and all the toes that come with them and put them through hell all in the name of fashion and style.  I’ll be the first one to say; ‘the pain is worth it!’  When you’re wearing a great pair of shoes that make your outfit what it is, you strut no matter how much it feels as if your pinky toe is going to fall off from lack of blood circulation.

Well ladies, no more!  Someone, or some people, finally thought about our unfortunate little ladies down there, how they work, and how they are overworked.   These stylish and simply beautiful pointed Jatem shoes shoes from the Luna Rosa shoes by Pazzo will make your outfit without the pain.  Their attention to detail goes beyond the accented studs and curving leather straps.  Their attention actually goes to the comfort design of the shoe, as much as to its look.

When we women stand in heels, we are essentially standing on our toes with moderate support coming from the heel.  When we put our weight on our toes, what naturally happens?  Our toes spread as wide as they can, or at least until they hit the wall of our shoes, hence the ‘pinky toe fall off syndrome.’

The designers at Pazzo shoes thought of this very shoe discomfort when they put together this marvelous example of fashion intelligence.  There is a space, a give on the pinky side of the shoe!  Yes ladies, your toes can expand to their hearts, or flange content!  What a beautiful world of fashion!

The space is conveniently masqueraded by the sexy leather straps which bring curves to the pointed shoe and prevents the pinky toe secure and keeping it from flapping in the wind.  The soft leather of the shoe also facilitates this outlandish idea of comfort giving me the first comfortable heel I have ever owned. 

Ladies, I would like to take this moment to exhale… b/c I have been holding my breath for so long due to shoe discomfort that I was afraid if I actually breathed I would let out a resounding yelp! Cheers to fashion progress and comfortable shoes for women!


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Jatem Luna Rosa’s by Pazzo: Review”

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