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January 23rd, 2007

Diesel Alamaty: A man’s shoe review

Ok, finally my first review. First off, this post is also a little outside of our usual editorial content as it’s not geared towards women. So please, ladies, forward this review to your male cousins, co-workers and the hot firefighter you met on your coffee break.

Really, I need to confess that me writing reviews for anything even remotely related to fashion is going to surprise people in the office as well as ex girlfriends – especially the ones in the office. But that’s exactly why this shoe is perfect for a guy like me.

I have little to no fashion sense, wear t-shirts to church and consider wearing dark jeans as business
casual. And hopefully, these Diesel Alamaty will make my dating life much more almighty.

Try with jeans

They’re great and currently the favorite pair of shoes I own. The perfect combination of leather shoe and comfortable leisure walkers. This is the one pair of shoes in my closet that I can interchangeably wear with every pair of jeans that I own. And that’s exactly what I do.

  • Diesel Alamaty shoes + light jeans = Great
  • Diesel Alamaty shoes + dark jeans = Great
  • Diesel + light colored khakis to wear at a funeral = Don’t do it. People will give you all sorts of dirty looks


The Diesel Alamaty is also formal enough to wear in combination with a jeans and sports
coat look all while being much more comfortable than the pointy leather shoes that my
mother gifted me on my birthday. The Suede pattern on these Diesels adds a hint of sophistication to
any outfit, even on me.

Sheepskinny comfort
The shock absorbent insole and rubber tready thinginess truly makes this the second most comfortable pair of shoes in my closet closely following my cream-colored, sheepskin-lined

My take, go buy a pair of these Diesel Alamatys. Especially with that ridiculously awesome sale going on right now.


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2 Responses to “

Diesel Alamaty: A man’s shoe review”

  1. steve m-g Says:

    What’s the actual quality of shoes by diesel? Within the last couple of years they purchased some other shoe companies like Pony. I had a pair of post diesel pony shoes that fell apart in like 3 weeks. So I switched to Puma and never looked back.
    Style is great, but durability always has to be a consideration, I would hope.

  2. High Heels Shoes Says:

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