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January 8th, 2007

Hip by Gee Wa Wa: Review

give me the skinny

I have to admit, when I flipped through my favorite fashion magazines late this fall I was terrified when I saw every model sashaying their way down the runway in “cigarette” or “skinny” jeans finished with a pair of pointy flats or neatly tucked into equestrian style designer boots. I had flash backs of the early 90’s horrendous fad of “tight-rolling” jeans. What was the next page of my sophisticated fashion magazine going to reveal, feathered bangs? I am just thankful that I realized this horrible “tight-rolling” fashion faux-pa prior to taking my high school senior portraits, not to date myself. Thank you style gods for eventually giving me some sort of fashion sense, even if it did take a few tries! I know, I know, totally different look, though the thought did send a shiver down my urbanized spine.

No matter what is in style, every one creates their own. If we didn’t, style would be more like a stamp that everyone would have branded on their backs as they marched their way through the printing press. The world would turn into the “1984” of fashion. With this notion I was fine looking as an outsider at all the super models strewn across the pages of my magazines in their skinny jeans and thick eye liner, though curiosity, as it always tends to do, got the best of me. I started playing in the private confines of my bedroom with this skinny sensation. After a few outfit attempts I actually started liking something that I was initially opposed to due to the nightmares of my fashion past. I guess everyday there is room for growth. Of course, what I needed in order to expand this self expression with out conformity was shoes! On with my mission!

In walk my Hip boots by Gee Wa Wa, or shall we say I walked into them at Shoefly and walked out with them on my feet. The Hip boots are great with a pair of tucked in skinny jeans as well as boot cut jeans, short skirts, long skirts, Bermuda shorts; you name it these boots rock it! My bedroom fashion play expanded from fifteen minutes and two outfits to an hour with many clothes combinations all with the “Hip” boots delightfully on my feet.

The textured leather of the Gee WaWa boot brings a sexy rugged look to a fun pair of boots. There are three leather buckled straps which actually adjust depending on the bulk of your jean and the fit of your calf. Wait, fashion can have function beyond style? You heard it here first!

I also threw on my previously featured Jatem pointy toe shoes with my new skinny jeans…another fashion rock! My skinny jeans transformed from the rough outdoors look to a vision of city chic with these elegant little babes. I swear I keep getting more and more lucky with every pair of shoes I bring home. Does every girl feel this way?


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