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January 24th, 2007

Athletic Fashion Trends

Athletics have always been hip. The athletic trend has extended from football to ice skating, rugby to polo, soccer to gymnastics. Recently the athletic trend has veered more towards independent movement and core strength. Whether it is Pilates, Yoga and all of its branches, dance, Tai Chi and other martial arts, they all focus on inner strength with attention to your core and your mind. With these physically
demanding studio setting athletics comes another way of dress. Each heed a specific fit of clothing in order to perform these activities with your clothes allowing the freedom to move with minimal if any hindrance.

Fashion and athletics, to me, have always seemed to be a bit of an oxy-moron. Here I am going to my various physical activities only to sweat and get smelly. My hair is going to fly out of place and my make-up is going to run so why put out an effort to look good in my clothes which are only going to stink in another 15 minutes anyway? Still, the fashion of athletics has been around for quite some time. Think about the rigid dress codes on the golf course or the cute little numbers our grandmothers used to wear on the tennis courts. Fashion has been around in our athletic world for a while though it has
recently taken on a whole new level. I feel this has a large part to do with the aforementioned studio arts, though this is only speculation.

I also have to say that I have recently become a bit prey to the athletic fashion scene. With
companies like Nike and Puma creating simply stylish athletic outfits to accompany their rock star work outs, who can help but get involved with this fashion craze? It is interesting though how each sport or movement has its own fashion ideals. Take for example the Brasilian martial art called  capoeira, not too long ago Nike put out an entire line completely inspired by the low-wasted, rear end tight fitting, flared leg work out pants and the tiny tops which accompanied the attire. For this movement, the outfit is simply perfect: the fitting torso accentuates the complex movements of the
martial art allowing on-lookers to see the intricacies of the form. The flowing flare of the pant brought grace to the kicks and gave light to the fast movements.

The gear makes senseā€¦.as does football gear. Though I bet some football players out there wish there was a bit more padding around some areas of the body, the ladies love watching their little tushies run up and down the field, which brings up another function of fun to the various female spectators. That is the point though; the fashion of athletics should in some remote way make sense. So why did I see a running skirt on the pages of my department store catalogue?

Does a skirt in which you run in really make all that much sense? Think about the chaffing! Please. There is abundance to everything and I think we have hit it in the world of athletic fashion trends.


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One Response to “Athletic Fashion Trends”

  1. Says:

    I am a huge fan of the capoeira uniform fashion concept. I mean, tan, lithe bodies in white, body-hugging pants, with little else but a smile. Very becoming on most capoeirista body types.

    What else would you expect from the country that invented samba, the Brazilian bikini, and the Brazilian wax?

    Ah, fashion in Brazil, truly where less is more!



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